Australian Health and Safety Professionals Pty Ltd provide a broad range of specialist services to meet the needs of industry and government alike.

Some of our services that are accessible to you include:

Recruitment of the Best HSEQ Personnel Education and Training Programs
Risk Management Strategies ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001
Safety Management Systems Pre-Audits and Accreditations
Safety Assessments Safety Gap Analysis
Compliance Audits Behavioural Safety Based Programs
Self-Insurance Accreditations Contractor Management
Pre-Purchase Assessments Incident Investigations
Due Diligence Assessments Construction Project Safety Plans
HSE Tender Applications Policy and Procedure Development
Environmental Plans Emergency Management Planning
Quality Assurance Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals
WHS Performance Reviews Cost Effective PPE Supplies

Safety Management Systems

We offer full support with the development and implementation of a tailored occupational health and safety management system which includes policies, organisational roles and responsibilities, consultation and communication, procedures, risk management, training, document control and all the resources for achieving goals, implementing, reviewing and maintaining the safety management system to enable your organisation to be ready for any certification audits.

Self-Insurance Audits

Australian Health and Safety Professionals Pty Ltd is a self-insurance support services provider with an admirable track record of preparing companies for licence applications and license renewals.
We consult on a number of the safety and claims management aspects of the self-insurance process including:
  • Corrective action or licence condition reviews
  • Pre-audit assessment of safety and claims management systems to ensure they satisfy licence requirements
  • Audits of return to work program, injury management program, claims manuals and training packages
  • The development and implementation of safety management systems consistent with relevant standards or guidelines

ISO 45001 Audits

Currently, a large number of contractors are required to hold accreditation in order to enter into Australian Government funded building and construction contracts. If your clients are requesting proof that your organisation has an effective OHS system, an ISO 45001 audit report can provide them with verification. We can conduct audits and provide advice and assistance in preparing for an audit to this standard.

Compliance Inspections

We can conduct statutory compliance audits to Work Health and Safety Acts and Regulations. Action plans and reports are provided to implement corrective actions and improvement strategies

Rehabilitation Management

We can provide a wide range of rehabilitation solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Assistance can range from an initial assessment of your workplace to ensure legal compliance through to the implementation of a complete rehabilitation management system.


We can provide for numerous training courses to assist you in meeting your obligations, particularly in regard to WHS consultation, WHS risk management, WHS committees and WHS Representatives. Our training courses place emphasis on active participation and in making the information relevant to the working situation of participants.

Incident Investigation

Determining the cause of workplace incidents is extremely important. It is essential that even minor incidents are properly investigated so that causes are identified and control measures put in place to prevent recurrence. We provide services for incident investigation and root cause analysis from which we prepare comprehensive reports and plans for corrective actions and prevention strategies.

Risk Assessments

We can conduct of a range of qualitative and semi-quantitative risk assessments for plant, equipment and procedural tasks as well as facilitation of risk assessment workshops.

Quality Assurance

We can provide all documentation, training and expertise to enable your organisation to build and implement a management system ready for certification to ISO 9001 -.Quality Management Systems.

Safety Advisors for Hire

There are often very high costs associated with employing a fully qualified and experienced Workplace Health and Safety Advisor. The current Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulations require an employer to do their due diligence with ensuring a safe workplace. Outsourcing of this position can be very beneficial to the organisation when a part-time or short-term Safety Advisor is required.

Safe Work Method Statements

It is a legal obligation for a relevant person (e.g. Employer or Principal Contractor) doing construction work to prepare a safe work method statement for all “high-risk” activities.
We can prepare suitable safe work method statements in a timely manner to enable this legal obligation to be met.

Policy and Procedure Development

Every person who conducts a business has a legal obligation to ensure that the health and safety of their workers and the public is not adversely affected by their business. We can develop policies, safe work procedures and provide you with the information and instruction necessary to enable this obligation to be met.

Hazardous Chemical Management

Australian Health and Safety Professionals Pty Ltd are qualified and experienced in hazardous chemical management and can provide the following key services:
  • Conduct hazardous chemical risk assessments and recommend controls, including the correct personal protection equipment to use.
  • Assist with establishing a hazardous chemical register .
  • Ensuring safety data sheets are current and are in an approved accessible location.
  • Audit labelling compliance requirements.
  • Conduct training for specific hazardous chemicals.

Workplace Health and Safety Management Plans

A principal contractor must prepare a workplace health and safety management plan before any construction work starts. If you are about to start a construction project, we can offer a tailored plan to suit your business objectives, ensuring fast and efficient implementation of workplace health and safety obligations.

Induction Manuals

Having a manual that outlines company policies and procedures is crucial in any business, regardless of size. In conjunction with your business, we can develop an employment manual with an easy to follow format, which also allows for additional policies and procedures to be added as your company grows.

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